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[Please note that the Copyright for the following photographs rests with the Minsterworth Community History Project.]

In 1928, a new road was opened to improve access from the main road to the Wesleyan chapel at Calcotts Green.

Here we see Mrs Vyner-Ellis in her car inaugurating the route which is now the drive-way to Chapel House.


One summer around 1930 a village Bathing Beauty Competition was held to raise funds for the Village Hall and, as this picture shows,

it attracted a considerable number of entries all attired in the latest bathing styles of the day.

The group on the right, presumably the panel of judges, includes the Rev. Bartlett and Mrs Margaret Vyner Ellis. (Photograph courtesy of the Gloucester Citizen)


Every year in early Spring, great shoals of elvers came up the river on the tide and were caught by their thousands in home-made nets.

In this tranquil scene, photographed in 1940, Minsterworth church tower can just be seen on the left.


In Minsterworth, autumn harvesting of apples (in this case destined for cider making) was often a family affair, as this highly picturesque

scene from the early 1900s shows. Note in particular the man on the right using the traditional long “lug” pole to shake

down the fruit and, in the background, the unhitched pony trap that transported the family to and from the orchard.



In 1907, Minsterworth school won the silver Challenge Shield for the school with the highest attendance locally.

The school went on to win the Shield for three successive years until 1909 when it was allowed to keep it.

Here we see headteacher, Mrs Peake, with her pupils, staff and the school trustees showing off the shield in either 1907 or 1908.


Will Harvey, the poet, was also an excellent footballer and cricketer and was captain of Minsterworth AFC in 1910 when this picture of the team was taken.

The club, of which he was a founder member, is soon to celebrate its centenary.

Back row: I Prosser, E Coleman, C Prosser, E Hurcombe, W Messenger, I Greening and A Artus; seated: I Russell, Will Harvey and H Russell.


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